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The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Since it began the first Tuesday of September and including this program, Afternoons with Amos has aired indepth interviews with 33 candidates for Indianapolis City-County Council. Far more indepth Council interviews than any other Indianapolis media – radio, print or TV.  This week’s Candidate Tuesday focused on four districts, 16, 18, 19 and 20 located in various parts of the city/county.

council district 16

Council District 16

Council District 16 – Is unique in that it includes two university areas – the University of Indianapolis and IUPUI. It mainly includes neighborhoods to the south and west of downtown. Roughly Washington Street on the north, Holt road on the west, Troy and Thompson Road on the South and railroad tracks and I-65/I-70 on the east. The district includes Fountain Square, the areas west of Garfield Park, West Indianapolis neighborhood nearly Lilly’s Kentucky Avenue research facility. District is 77% white, 14% Hispanic, 11% Black.

council district 18

Council District 18

Council District 18 – Includes south west Warren Township and northeast Franklin Township. Boundaries are roughly Emerson on the west, Mitthoeffer and Davis road on the east, Washington and English Avenue on the north and Thompson road and Edgewood Avenue on the south. It includes the eastern part of Irvington, the Marion County Fairgrounds, and the legendary cricket field District is 84% white, 6% Hispanic, 11% Black.

council district 19

Council District 19

Council District 19 – Encompasses central Warren Township. Roughly 21st street on the north, Hancock County on the east, Washington Street, Brookville Road Prospect street on the south and Arlington and a bit of Emerson on the east. It includes neighborhoods around Raytheon/Naval Avionics, Warren Central HS, and the part of Cumberland in Marion County, Washington Square, and areas around the old Eastgate mall. And the legendary cricket field. District is 68% Black, 24% Black, 8% Hispanic.

council district 20

Council District 20

Council District 20 – Includes the southern part of Decatur Township and the southwestern part of Perry Township. Roughly the railroad tracks near State Road 37 on the east, Johnson County and Morgan Counties on the south, Hendricks County on the west and Thompson Road and Troy Avenue on the north. District is 90% white, 10% Minority.

candidate tues oct 6

Emily Shrock

candidate tues oct 6

Eddie Barnes


candidate tues oct 6

David Ray

candidate tues oct 6

Jon Easter

Interview With Democratic Candidates Emily Shrock, Eddie Barnes, David Ray Starts At The 2:04 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Democratic challengers Emily Shrock (District 16), Eddie Barnes (District 18), David Ray (District 20) appeared on the program. Jon Easter (District 20) had a conflict but will appear on next week’s Candidate Tuesday.  Shrock, Barnes and Ray are examples of a new generation of City-County Council candidates.  The three talked about the issues in their district from public safety and crime, to infrastructure.  Development is a major concern in the districts especially Districts 18 and 19 on the city’s eastside which has struggled as retail and other businesses have deteriorated along the east Washington Street corridor and the deteriorating Washington Square Mall. Eddie Barnes is just 20 years old, works part time and is an IUPUI student. He’s the youngest City-County Council candidate this election year and perhaps the youngest in decades. All three candidates talked about putting priorities on neighborhoods and having transparency on city projects so that controversies like the Cricket Field (in District 18) along with the ROC Center and the electric cars doesn’t happen.  The three Democrats said if elected they would be able to stand up to the Mayor, even if he was a Democrat.

candidate tues oct 6

Jeff Miller

candidate tues oct 6

Susie Cordi

candidate tues oct 6

Ben Hunter

candidate tues oct 6

Jason Holliday

(The Interview With Republican Councilmen Jeff Miller, Ben Hunter and Jason Holliday Starts At 50:20 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Three Republican Incumbent City-County Council candidates appeared on candidate Tuesday. Councilman Jeff Miller (District 16), Ben Hunter (District 19) and Jason Holliday (District 20). Susie Cordi, the Republican candidate in District 18 was invited but didn’t appear. Councilmen Miller, Hunter and Holliday echoed the issues that other Council cabndidates have talked about the past six weeks.  Public Safety and Crime and infrastructure. The candidates supported body and dash cams for police but were cautious about what the policies should be.  Jeff Miller was cautious about the announcement that the city would contribute several million to a deal to help Rolls Royce upgrade their Tibbs Avenue plant that is in Miller’s district. But there’s no job commitments tied to the deal.  Councilman Holliday talked about the balance in his district between homeowners needs and those of industrial development.  The three Republicans stressed that on nearly most issues the Council finds common ground between the two parties.  Holliday saying that many times measures pass the Council unanimously.  On the question of those controversial contracts like the cricket field, the Regional Operations Center (ROC) for police and public safety and the Vision Fleet and Blue Indy deals that have been so controversial, the three incumbent Councilmen said the City needs to go move away from “no bid” contracts.  And go back to contracts where open bids a take place with specifications made public.  Hunter, Holliday and Miller also expressed something many of the candidates have said this election season, that the next Mayor must be more open and accessible to concerns from City-County Councilors, of both parties. The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, October 6th Runs 91 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.