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Source: VALERIE MACON / Getty

Taraji P. Henson has had a phenomenal 2015!  She plays Cookie on FOX’s Empire, and she does it so well.  Cookie is a fearless mother and business woman who speaks what’s on her mind, all while looking bold in animal prints and fur.  Cookie has made Henson a household name, so It’s easy to see why USA Today has chosen to name Henson it’s 2015 Entertainer of the Year.

Henson has previously played roles in CBS’ Person of Interest, Hustle & Flow, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  FOX’s Empire is halfway through it’s second season and it’s still going strong, despite the slight viewer fall off after it’s record breaking first season.  Henson spoke on her Empire character stating, “Who thought Cookie would bring me this kind of notoriety? This is the type of character that people judge — she went to jail she sold drugs. But what happens? (People) run to her? Blows me away every time. That goes to show people like real.”

Empire returns on March 30th for the second half of season two.  You can expect to see more of Cookie, and hear more of her one liners as her backstory is explored.  You can read more on Henson’s Entertainer of the Year honor here.