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Relationships: Family gathers for dinner at grandma's house.

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Have you ever wondered if your photos you post on social media, or blog sites are safe?  Anyone that has access to viewing your social media profiles and public blogs can download or save your photos without you even knowing it.  Your photos may be used without your consent for brochures, posters, or memes, especially if your social media privacy settings are public.

That is exactly what happened to a mother and blogger.  A friend had forwarded her a picture she found on a Scandal fan-site, which featured characters Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant, along with this mother’s two children.  A Scandal super fan photoshoped her children into the photo without her consent.

The mother writes, “My daughter is still too young to really understand (definitely too young to know who Olivia Pope is), but as she gets older, I will really need to reevaluate and to discuss with her how much of her image we want to continue to share.”

This type of thing happens daily, so make sure you think twice about what photos you chose to upload to the internet.  Talk to your kids and family members about taking extra precautions so this doesn’t happen to them.  Read the blogger’s full account of what happened here.