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After a very public marital meltdown caused by infidelity, WE tv reality stars Tina and Teddy Campbell continue sharing their restoration with the world.

“I love how God uses my husband’s testimony to bless men who want to be better men,” wrote the 41-year-old wife on Instagram, where she posted snippets from Teddy’s testimony shared at an Atlanta church.

“I thought I was gonna lose everything—you know my wife, my kids and just everything,” her 40-year-old drummer husband, whose multiple affairs became public in 2013, told congregants at Tabernacle of Praise, shepherded by his friend T.J. McBride.

“So I felt like, well, I tried it my way and I didn’t do that right. So let me actually really try God this time,” continued Teddy, former four-year percussionist for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

One day, while privately confessing his adulterous ways, according to Teddy, his pastor “challenged” him by saying the unfaithful spouse’s actions indicated that he was a believer in Christ, but not a follower.

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