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Vanity Fair published an interview with Creed’s Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler, but it’s not the interview that has people talking.  The photo Vanity Fair decided to publish to accompany the interview has a lot of people hurling negative comments at it online.

Celebrity blogger B. Scott posted the below Vanity Fair photo to Facebook, and it immediately began to rack up negative comments.  Why are people so upset about the photo?  The photo shows Jordan with his had on the back of Coogler’s head.


Many of the negative comments suggested the photo appeared to be sexual, and thought Vanity Fair was trying to push an agenda.  Others quickly pointed out that it is simply just an expression of brotherly love.  One Facebook user commented, “I feel sorry for some people that sexualize everything.  It shows you are insecure about your own sexualities.  All I see is two black men embracing one another like brothers.”

Do you think there is anything wrong with this photo?  You can read more on the story here.