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Demarco Bailey

Source: Earl Davis / Facbook

Earl Davis of Ft. Wayne, IN was on his way to a job interview when he noticed a boy working out on the side of the road.  Davis was curious why the boy appeared to be weight training with homemade resistance weights made of tires chained around his waist. Davis then turned around to ask him what he was up to.

15-year-old Demarco Bailey explained that his parents couldn’t afford weights and he was determined to make his high school football team this year as a sophomore, so he made his own.  Davis who is a coach of a youth football team was touched by Bailey’s determination.  While the two were talking, Bailey said, “Sorry to be rude coach, but you gotta drive while I jog.  I gotta stay moving.”

Davis asked Bailey if he could stop for a second so he could take a photo to show his kids Bailey’s dedication.  Then they exchanged phone numbers, and Davis told the boy that he could come work out with his boys any time he wanted.

Davis was so touched that he shared the photo on Facebook, which then ended up going viral.  Many Facebook users suggested that Davis start a GoFundMe page to get Bailey some equipment, which ended up getting well over it’s  goal of $5,000.

The post has since been shared 38,000 times and counting.  The story has also been featured on GMA.  Read more on the story here and see Davis’ post below.