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When Religion Meets Politics:  Donald Trump has overwhelming support from white evangelical voters. A new Pew Research Center poll is out and it shows that nearly 80 percent say they’d vote for the likely GOP presidential nominee if the election was held today. Pew researchers say it doesn’t seem to matter what Trump’s faith is (or whether he can accurately quote scripture–which he usually flubs) as this group has always tended to lean toward the Republican candidate. In fact, Trump has more support with white evangelicals than Mormon Mitt Romney did at this point in his 2012 GOP campaign.

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The Pence Factor: This may indicate why Indiana Governor Mike Pence is an attractive potential running mate for “The Donald.” Pence has been popular with the white evangelicals throughout his political career often saying his decisions –like leading the charge for Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, RFRA, and the quickly overturned abortion law were led by his faith. Pence originally supported Trump’s opponent, Ted Cruz, who was also known to tell supporters he was led by faith.

Trump’s VP…???:  Trump has postponed his Vice-Presidential announcement from 11 a.m. today due to the deadly attack in France on Bastille Day celebrations where 84 people were killed, including a father and son from Austin, Texas. Trump’s team hasn’t released when the announcement will be rescheduled but we do know, that Pence is on the east coast awaiting the announcement meanwhile, his deadline to exit the Indiana ballot in his gubernatorial re-election bid is today. According to Indiana law, no candidate can be on a federal and state ballot at the same time.

So, as of Friday morning in the 8 o’clock Eastern time hour… Nothing is official until it comes from Trump’s mouth or Trump’s Twitter account leaving Pence in a hold-pattern with ‘Veep Watch’ continuing, heading into the GOP Convention next week. Ironically, Hoosiers who said “Pence Must Go” with their yard signs and bumper stickers likely didn’t expect this kind of powerful political promotion, if and when they get their ‘Pencexit’ wish.

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