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Football is officially back! Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers kicked off their season last night, losing to the Baltimore Ravens 19-22, in a preseason match up.  The team may have taken an L, but is SuperCam winning the NFL’s MVP of fashion?

Newton has been known for rocking some looks that have gotten him a great deal of attention, both good and bad.  Newton, as pictured above, showed up to last night’s preseason game looking a bit like Pharrell Williams in 2014.  Are you giving his style cheers, or jeers?  Let’s just reflect on some of Newton’s past style moments…

Let us not forget when Newton arrived at Super Bowl 50 wearing $900 zebra-print Versace pants.

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton

Source: Tonya Jameson / Tonya Jameson

He rocked patterned pants again a few weeks ago, at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Sports awards.

Or what about that time when he wore a fur hat…

…and this furry hip tail?  (Not even 100% sure what that furry thing is, but he makes it look cool)

Newton also pulls off putting bandanna’s on his hats pretty well…

He does know how to coordinate on game day…

…and rocks a suit well.

Newton just may have some competition in the NFL fashion game though.

Wide receiver for the New York Giants, Odell Backham Jr., has shown he has style.

Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, has also been spotted looking fresh a time or two…


Who do you think the NFL’s fashion MVP is?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.  Either way, one thing is for sure, we’re glad to see football is back!