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How To Get Away With Murder

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The gang’s all back this season of How to Get Away With Murder (at least for now), including Connor (Stanford didn’t work out because Oliver deleted his acceptance email).

On tonight’s episode we pick up from last season where Wes tried to confront his dad, Wallace Mahoney, at the end of last season, but um…his dad got fatally shot. Annalise was there to pick Wes up after his police interrogation. She figured out that Frank killed Mahoney as revenge for him killing Annalise’s baby. It was Frank’s way of trying to make his part in that situation right. Annalise convinced Wes to scream in the woods with her as a way to find release so that they could both let these men go. Meanwhile, Frank was off somewhere shaving his beard and scalp, trying his best to be ghost.


Fast forward to the new semester. Annalise stepped into her classroom, excited to tell her students that this was the season that they “finally get to be her,” but the fun was broken up by the photo of her face with “killer” written underneath taped to the wall. Annalise’s students freaked out, but she took it down and pretended to be as unbothered as possible. Apparently, they have been under the radar, and free from police harassment so in Annalise’s mind, they were in the clear and had nothing to worry about. The theme of this episode, and probably season, is that they’re “good people now.”

Annalise really did try to convince herself and others that they can go back to normal.


The new case they are working on isn’t a juicy one. It’s more business as usual, but it features an immigrant, Kareem, who got pulled over with some weed in his car, which means deportation if convicted. It turns out the weed wasn’t his. It was his daughter’s and he was protecting her. They’re working on trying to win the case now that they have that piece of information—business as usual—but they’re preoccupied by all that they’ve been through and the fact that the “killer” posters featuring Annalise’s face keep popping up on campus.

Finally, we get a shirtless Nate scene.


He was rubbing Annalise’s feet as she told him about the flyers popping up all over the place. All he could do was give her some d and tell her to be careful because the person that posted those is probably unstable (thanks Captain Obvious). Since we’re talking about sex, note that Asher and Michaela are still getting it in while Oliver broke up with Connor. That’s going to be awkward because Annalise hired Oliver to pretty much be her resident hacker.

The university wants to transition Annalise to a research position instead of having her continue to teach introduction to law. Basically, they want to fire her without firing her. Annalise thinks it’s because of the killer posters and all the other mess she’s been involved in, but the real reason for the university’s decision (allegedly) is because her five students finished at the bottom of their class. Historically, Annalise’s students finish at the top so this is a big deal. Annalise is trying to fight to keep her teaching position so we’ll see what happens there. In other scandalous news, Annalise hired an investigator to find Frank. The investigator found Frank, but Frank found him too, and killed him. That was unnecessary, but Frank definitely has a flair for the dramatic. Annalise heard the investigator’s murder over the phone and freaked out.

Cut to two months later, Annalise returned home one evening to find the medics carting a dead body out of her house. Annalise saw who it was and freaked out, but we couldn’t see from our angle. That means we’ll probably have to wait all season to found out who it was.

It also doesn’t help that Annalise’s house was on fire. Yikes. Someone definitely has it out for her, for real, for real.

Here we go again.


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