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2016 BET Experience - STAPLES Center Concert Performances by: KATT WILLIAMS & MIKE EPPS

Source: Alberto Rodriguez/BET / Getty

Comedian Mike Epps has come under fire from fans and animal rights activists after a stunt he pulled on stage, which involved a kangaroo.  Video footage from his performance in Detroit last weekend shows Epps dancing on stage while holding onto a kangaroo’s harness.

After massive amounts of backlash from fans, Epps apologized for his actions and admitted things got out of hand.  Epps assured fans he meant no harm to the animal, and announced that he would be making a monetary donation to the Save The Kangaroos Foundation.

Apparently the kangaroo was originally going to be used in a joke, and it was just supposed to hop across the stage.  Epps claimed that they wanted to show the kangaroo off, so the handler ended up bringing the animal to the stage.  The kangaroo was picked up multiple times by it’s handler, clearly in distress.

According to TMZ, Epps’ apology may not be enough, as the incident is now under investigation from the United States Department of Agriculture.  The USDA wants to ensure that the kangaroo was not mishandled in any way.  Read more on the story here.

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