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via Hallels:

Hip-hop artist Andy Mineo, formerly known as C-Lite, released a new music video for DANCE (You See It) that worked with rapper Wordsplayed on November 15.

He shared on his Instagram that the video was all shot on 16 mm film in Coney Island, NY. The video is available to see below:

At the premiere of the video, both talked about the song to Hiphopandmore.

“Joel of 42*North sent me this beat while I was on tour. I had just finished a workout and my phone was still connected to the speakers. When I played the beat off my phone, everybody in the green room heard it. I saw one of the dancers on tour, Jeff, LOVING the track and he started dancing to it immediately. I had actually passed on the beat previously, but seeing his response made me give it a second chance. The chorus “DOIN MY DANCE!” came from that interaction. “Doin my dance” is also code for “I’m putting in work – doing my thing, what I’m good at,” said Mineo.

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