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INDIANAPOLIS — A Hoosier woman is taking a national stand against home appraisal discrimination after a troubling revelation while she was trying to refinance her home.

“In a couple of days, I got the appraisal report back, and I was right. The only thing bringing down the value of my home was me,” Carlette Duffy said.

ABC’s documentary, “Our America: Lowballed,” now streams on HULU. It highlights Duffy’s story; a story WRTV told you about last year after she got her home appraised twice before whitewashing it to get a fair value.

On Wednesday, the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana hosted a screening of the documentary highlighting at the AMP at 16 Tech.

“If we don’t know that it’s happening, or even know that it’s happened in the past, then we don’t know how to correct it in the future,” Mike Ford, who attended the screening, said.

It’s a situation that is still hard for Duffy to fathom.

“For the longest time, I thought I was crazy. I had people telling me, ‘well, maybe that’s just the value of your home,’ But I had this other voice in my head saying that’s not right,” Duffy said.

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