Preacher’s Kid

Director: Stan Foster
Cast: LeToya Luckett, Durrell “Tank” Babbs, Trey Songz, Clifton Powell, Gregalan Williams
‎1hr 41min‎‎ – Rated PG-13‎‎ – Drama/Documentary/Comedy‎
Tired of being a preacher’s daughter and longing to experience more of life, 20-something Angie King strikes out on her own for the very first time and joins a traveling gospel show. In this modern-day rendition of the fable of The Prodigal Son more », she soon discovers life on the road is tough but fears going home with nothing to show for herself, or worse, to a father who no longer loves her. « less


Kerasotes ShowPlace 12 – Glendale Mall

4:40pm; 7:30pm; 10:10pm

UA Eagle Highlands 10

2:20pm; 5:00pm; 7:45pm; 10:25pm

AMC Greenwood Park 14

10:25am; 1:00pm; 4:00pm; 7:20pm; 10:00pm

Kerasotes ShowPlace 12 – Washington Square

12:30; 3:30pm; 6:20pm; 9:20pm

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