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1. Tyscot Records

Some people may not know this but founded here in Indy by Craig Tyson and Dr. Leonard Scott in 1976, Tyscot Records happens to be the oldest black-owned Gospel recording label in the nation. A lot of well-known artists have come through for recordings like Rev. John P. Kee and the late Rance Allen. There is no doubt that Tyscot Records plays a significant role in Gospel music history and music production.

2. Al “The Bishop” Hobbs

He was more than just a staple in Gospel music, Hobbs was also a broadcaster, composter, and record label owner. Born in Decatur, Alabama, Hobbs grew up in church and was exposed to music at an early age. He later sang with Lucille Jones and the Traveling Notes in the 1960s. As a broadcaster, once he came to Indy, he actually was a radio announcer for WTLC. He also was a one-time vice chairman of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. The list goes on and on of his accomplishments and the work he has put in the Gospel music realm. Unfortunately, he passed on July 31st, 2014 to cancer. He will always be admired and remembered for his selfless service and contributions.

3. Robert Turner & the Silver Heart Singers

Turner has been in the music industry for about up to half a century, but where it all began was when he was very and in the church. He had later formed Robert Turner & the Silver Heart Singers in 1960. From performing at small churches to big concerts and festivals, they have traveled the country and have performed in front of millions as well as congregations around the city of Indianapolis. They were honored by Traditional Arts Indiana and the Indiana Arts Commission. Even after Robert Turner’s death, the group has been committed to continuing his vision in music.

4. Demetrius West & Jesus Promoter

Based in Indianapolis, this powerhouse R&B–influenced choir director artist, minister, and singer, Demetrius West have become a very strong force representing Indianapolis once they dropped their debut album “Choirology” in 2018 with the popular hit “Open the Floodgates.” But, before West formed the choir he led the “Reflections of God Chorale,” and recorded a number of other live albums. Once he assembled the Jesus Promoters, they immediately became a favorite and have even shared the stage with top artists like Kirk Franklin and Earnest Pugh.

5. Lamar Campbell & the Spirit of Praise

Musician Lamar Campbell began his music career in 1995 and joined the Spirit of Praise. Together, they were able to release a total of nine albums, and six of those charting on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart. Campbell is also a Broad Ripple High School alumni. He started his music journey at Capitol City Seventh-Day Adventist Church. He played the piano. He is also a Butler University Alumni.

6. Rodnie Bryant & the Christian Community Gospel Choir

This brings you one of the most classical, iconic mass choir songs in Gospel music titled, “We Offer Praise.” They are very well-known for that song. This group is also well-known for another song titled, “A Testimony,” with its more current upbeat sound still highlighting the choir’s variety of vocals.

7. Judah Band

Producer, Songwriter, and Singer Randy Weston formed the talented Gospel music group, Judah Band, and they have been bring a different sound that reaches a wide age group with their ministry of music. They are a melting pot of jazz, R&B, and even Pop. This Indianapolis-based group is to the Light Records. They bring a different energy to the Gospel world.

8. Thomas & the Situation

This artist brings a different and very harmonious sound when it comes to Gospel and ministering. You may have heard them on Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell/WTLC-AM 1310. They have even been awarded by the Indianapolis Star newspaper so they have been making moves and making a name for themselves as they continue to grow in music.

9. The Williams Sisters

During their childhood, the Williams Sisters had started their exposure to Gospel music. They are a 6-voice family choir and have managed to release a live album in 1996 titled, “Live on the East Side: Let Every Ear Hear,” and another album in 2004 titled, “Power in the House.”

10. The Eternal Light Singers

This quartet, coming out of Marianna, Arkansas, was originally formed in 1982. Founders Rev. Ronald Broussard, Rev. Cecil Coleman, and Rev. Cedric Coleman are comprised with talented musicians who are all no stranger to Gospel music. 1988 was when they released their first project titled, “Come to Jesus.” In 2009, they signed to Ecko Records in Memphis, Tennessee and released two projects, “Simply Outstanding” and “Empower.” If it is anything that you will notice when you hear this group is the energy that they bring in each song.

11. Indiana State Mass Choir

Some may know about the Mississippi Mass Choir, the Chicago Mass Choir, and Miami Mass Choir, but there is the Indiana State Mass Choir. They have performed songs including “If You Can’t Tell It,” “That I May Know Him,” and “All is Well.”