Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re celebrating with your friends and calling it “Galentine’s Day” or you’re with a loved one showing how much you care, there are events going on around the city to show how much you appreciate your other half. 1. American Psycho Valentine’s Dinner This is probably the exact […]

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was fatally shot by a White Cleveland police officer while playing with a toy gun.

In honor of the NBA’s opening night in Cleveland, as the Championship Cavaliers take on the New York Knicks on October 25, Turner Sports is launching an “NBA on TNT Road Show” event. The event, hosted right outside the Quicken Loans Arena, will include the cast of “Inside the NBA” and a performance from Wiz Khalifa. […]

Thursday was a big day at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, a community charter school hosting about 340 students from Cleveland and inner ring suburbs.. It has less than two days to plan to host a campaign visit from Donald Trump. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to be highlighted in the community […]

The impact of violence on neighborhoods has prompted at least one Cleveland City Councilman to cancel an annual community event. On Wednesday, a group decided to push for using the money raised for the event to help improve the community and in turn help curb violence. Ward 10 Cleveland City Councilman Jeff Johnson put the […]

More than 50,000 strangers are expected in Cleveland over the next couple of days. The city’s homeless will work with law enforcement to protect us during the Republican National Convention. They call him “Ice.” He’s landscaping around a building off St. Clair. Why? “Trying to get ready for the RN convention thing. They’re having so everybody […]


An Ohio man was awarded $22 million after being beaten and locked in a storage closet by two East Cleveland police officers for four days. Arnold Black was arrested in 2012 for allegedly transporting cocaine in his pick-up truck while traveling through East Cleveland. One of the two arresting officers severely beat Black and took him […]

Cleveland settles wrongful death lawsuit with Tamir Rice's family for $6 million. But the city does not admit to wrongdoing.

The child's estate owes $500 for "emergency medical services rendered as the decedent’s last dying expense."

The case of slain Cleveland boy Tamir Rice remains a curious matter in the state of Ohio, with news coming forth that the grand jury made potentially questionable moves. According to a new report, the jury neglected to vote on the charges against officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback and is the same jury that decided […]

Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty says that a law prevents him from releasing grand jury transcripts to the NAACP.

The Cleveland “Rocks” New Year’s Eve 2015 party is canceled. According to Alonzo Mitchell III, the party wasn’t able to get enough financial support to…