President Barack Obama visited Indianapolis for the first time in four years and possibly his last visit to the city as President. The President spoke at Ivy Tech Community College’s Conference and Culinary Arts Center in the what was the old Stouffer’s Hotel on North Meridian Street.  In front of a crowd of 390 persons, […]

In another effort to insure that YOUR LIFE MATTERS Council Democrats and the Fraternal Order of Police came together in a new proposal that could help reduce crime and revitalize Indianapolis neighborhoods by bringing vacant properties and empty lots back to life and provide rent-free homes for public safety officers, including IMPD Officers and Sheriff’s […]

A week into the New Year 2014, President Maggie Lewis, Vice-President John Barth and Majority Leader Monroe Gray, the leaders of the Indianapolis City-County Council majority appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk frankly about several major issues. First off they addressed residents concerns about problems with snow removal. While saluting the long hours and […]

Unlike the mess in Washington where Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on the time of day, the two parties did something unusual in Indianapolis.  They agreed and compromised on the 2014 budget for Indianapolis/Marion County.  City-County Council President Maggie Lewis and Vice-President John Barth appeared on Afternoons with Amos and talked about the bipartisan budget […]

AFTERNOONS WITH AMOS EXCLUSIVE:The day after Brian Mahern appeared on Afternoons with Amos to explain why he attempted to remove Maggie Lewis as City-County Council President, Lewis, joined by numerous Council colleagues, appeared on the program with their side of the story. Lewis was joined by Council Vice-President John Barth, veteran Councillors Monroe Gray and […]

UPDATED WITH NEW DETAILS ON CITY/COUNTY BUDGET: The 2014 Consolidated Budget for Indianapolis and Marion County that has been formally introduced to the City-County Council, reduces spending for many key city/county agencies and programs.  Afternoons with Amos has compared the spending between this year’s budget and next year’s and found major spending reductions. For example, […]

In the aftermath of Gov. Mike Pence approving Senate Bill 621, the so-called Power Grab Bill, the Democratic leaders of Indianapolis’ City-County Council appeared live on Afternoons with Amos to express their disappointment in the Governor’s action.  But Council President Maggie Lewis and Council Vice-President John Barth blasted Mayor Greg Ballard for his failure to […]

A fiery sermon on God’s Promise by the Rev. Al Sharpton (listen below) was the climax to a moving ecumenical service that combined hip hop praise dancers, Baptist preaching, personal testimonies and a formal ordination in the Disciples of Christ faith tradition as Dr. David A. Hampton was installed Sunday as the new Senior Pastor […]

Mincing no words, leaders of the Democratic majority on the City-County Council slammed Mayor Greg Ballard’s criticism of the Council’s passage of a 2013 City-County Budget.  And Council President Ballard also strongly criticized the Mayor for his refusal to not get personally engaged in the budget process; refusing to personally reach out to Council leaders […]

In a wide ranging interview on Afternoons with Amos, the leadership of the Indianapolis City-County Council blasted the Ballard Administration for a lack of leadership on a number of issues. In their latest monthly appearance, Council President Maggie Lewis, Vice-President Brian Mahern and Majority Leader Vernon Brown said a major problem was the failure of […]

Dr. Frank Straub, the highly controversial Public Safety Director, named 28 months ago by Mayor Greg Ballard, suddenly announced his resignation Friday. Straub will continue in his post for three months until August 1st.  Straub, the former Public Safety Director of White Plains, New York, generated a firestorm of criticism from the community and police […]

Leaders of the Indianapolis City-County Council are demanding leadership from Mayor Greg Ballard in solving the over $30 million funding crisis in the city/county’s Public Safety Agencies.  Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, City-County Council President Maggie Lewis, Majority Leader Vernon Brown and At Large Councilmen Zach Adamson and John Barth talked frankly about the city’s […]