On the first day of the Federal Government shutdown since the 1990’s, Afternoons with Amos talked live with 7th District Congressman Rep. Andre Carson about the shutdown, what are the issues behind it, how its negatively hurting Americans and Hoosiers and when will it end.  Amos and listeners talked with the Congressman about the shutdown […]


  STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT   James S. Brady Press Briefing Room ****** PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:  Good afternoon, everybody.  Of all the responsibilities the Constitution…

WASHINGTON – Republicans portray Planned Parenthood as primarily focused on performing abortions and — intentionally or not — using American taxpayer dollars to do it. RELATED: 25 women to know Not so, say Democrats who counter that the group’s 800-plus health centers nationwide provide an array of services, from screenings for cancer to testing for […]