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Hours after the Congress voted to end the sixteen day Federal Government shutdown and raise the nation’s debt limit, thus advertising what many felt could’ve been an economy catastrophe, Indiana’s 7th District Congressman Andre Carson, exhausted after days of fighting GOP attempts to shutdown the government, returned home to Indianapolis. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos, Rep. Carson talked frankly about the shutdown and the mess in Washington and the damage the Republican led shutdown caused from Federal workers who were off work or who worked without receiving any pay, to the frustration of veterans and other Americans angered and sickened by the infighting in Washington.  Rep. Carson emphasized the destructive nature of the Tea Party and encouraged listeners and callers to not only vote, but get involved and engaged in reaching out to Members of Congress and let them know how they feel and where they stand on key issues.  Rep. Carson said that the fight is not yet over.  He warned that battles are coming to protect Food Stamp benefits and benefits for students attending historically Black colleges and universities.  Asked whether the Obama Administration needed to correct the problems people are having in accessing the Affordable Care Act website, Carson emphatically said that the Administration needed to correct those problems and issues.  Click Arrow to Hear Rep. Andre Carson’s interview with Amos and Listeners.  Runs 36 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.