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In a spirited Afternoons with Amos interview, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly talked bluntly about the government shutdown and about improvements in the Affordable Care Act website which has been plague by delays.  During the interview, Sen. Donnelly talked about his efforts working with Republican and Democratic Senators in helping to create the compromise that ended the sixteen day government shutdown and raise the Federal government debt ceiling, averting financial catastrophe.  Sen. Donnelly was also blunt and outspoken about the website failure in the Affordable Care Act.  Donnelly told Amos that he’d talked this week with White House chief of Staff Denis McDonough about the problems and that he told the Chief of Staff, in the strongest terms, that these problems had to be fixed.  Sen. Donnelly also talked with listeners about the impact of the shutdown.  He also talked about effort that the Senate had been working together on issues like preserving Food Stamps, passing both a 2014 budget and a Farm Bill.  Sen. Donnelly blamed a lot of the problems in Washington on the Republican controlled House and Tea Party Congresspeople who just want to stop the government from moving forward.  Click the Arrow to Hear Sen. Donnelly’s full Interview with Amos and Listeners. Runs 36 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.