This is Victor.  He was homeless and always stood on the same street corner, that is, until Ginger Sprouse stopped to talk to him. Sprouse began to visit Victor on her way to work, and a friendship quickly developed.  She learned the heartbreaking reason why she would see him standing at the same corner every day.  That […]

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell & GRIFF pose the age-old question; who pays on date night, the man or the woman? The modern spin on the answers, however, is pretty astonishing. Many express a belief in a more even split, sometimes a man pays, sometimes a woman pays. The terms […]

It seems like overnight, Ted Williams went from being homeless to a celebrity. A voice-over recording from Williams was posted on YouTube and went viral. It’s been viewed more than 20 million times. Today, Williams says he’s been clean and sober for 22 months. He says he’s looking forward to a brighter future. For more […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year is what one man wanted to spread to be a blessing to shoppers in the Mall on Black Friday!  His Friday was extremely black after being arrested for throwing 1 thousand dollars into a crowd in a Minnesota mall. click here to read more Source Joy105

For more on this story, go to CNN affiliates WTNH and WFSB. (CNN) — Nine people died in a mass shooting Tuesday at a workplace in Manchester, Connecticut, according to a police official close to the investigation. That number includes the shooter. He died at the scene of a gunshot wound, Manchester police Lt. Joe […]

Original Post from When Shannon Ellis became pregnant two years ago, it was a surprise to family members. They had been told her husband had undergone a vasectomy. But Ellis and her husband told friends and family the joyous occasion was the result of him having the procedure reversed. That wasn’t the case. The […]

Could Pac Man Jones Find Himself An NFL Team?