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This is Victor.  He was homeless and always stood on the same street corner, that is, until Ginger Sprouse stopped to talk to him.

Sprouse began to visit Victor on her way to work, and a friendship quickly developed.  She learned the heartbreaking reason why she would see him standing at the same corner every day.  That street corner is the last place Victor ever saw his mother, and he waits there for her in hopes of seeing her again.  Sprouse also learned that Victor suffers from some mental health issues.

Sprouse wanted to do something to help her new friend, so she set up a Facebook page called “This is Victor,” to share Victor’s story with the community.  His neighbors have heard his story, and his life has begun to change.

Victor now has a job as a chef at Sprouse’s business, has received health care, and has a bed to sleep in.  The Facebook page has even helped him contact his uncle and mother.

It’s amazing to see how complete strangers have turned into family.  Check out more on the story here, and see some of his Facebook posts below.