Sen. Joe Donnelly

Today, Congressman Andre Carson, Senator Joe Donnelly and Senator Dan Coats all got up on the Floor of the United States House of Representatives and the Floor of the United States Senate to Honor and Give Tribute to the 60th Anniversary of 1955 Crispus Attucks High School Basketball Team winning the Indiana State High School […]

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Fruday, September 4, 2015. Politics both local and national and world were among the focus of the Afternoons with Amos heading into the Labor Day Weekend. (Interview With Sen. Joe Donnelly Starts At 35:45 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). In an EXCLUSIVE extended interview, US Senator Joe Donnelly talked […]

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly stopped by Afternoons with Amos and engaged in a spirited discussion on a wide range of topics and issues with Amos and listeners.  Donnelly talked about his first visit to Selma. He was one of over 100 Senators and Congressmen, along with President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush […]

  In a wide ranging live Afternoons with Amos interview, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly covered a wide range of issues. Regarding the threat to the United States from the terrorist group ISIS and as American and coalition involvement in dealing with ISIS terrorists grows, how will we pay for this?  Donnelly talked frankly that we […]

  AFTERNOONS WITH AMOS – YOUR LIFE MATTERS WEEK. US Senator Joe Donnelly kicked off Afternoons with Amos YOUR LIFE MATTERS WEEK a series of broadcasts, focusing from a variety of perspectives, on the issue of the increased violence in Indianapolis and how and what can the community do to reduce and stop it and […]

Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is under fire by African-Americans nationally and locally for his vote against President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. In an exclusive live Afternoons with Amos interview, Sen. Donnelly attempted to explain his vote.  Sen. Donnelly was one of seven Democratic Senators who […]

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly stopped by AM1310 The Light this past week and talked with Amos and Listeners about a number of key issues.  The Senator talked about the passage of the Farm Bill and how it will benefit Hoosiers, including the African-American community. Despite $8 billion in cuts to food programs like food stamps.  […]

In a spirited Afternoons with Amos interview, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly talked bluntly about the government shutdown and about improvements in the Affordable Care Act website which has been plague by delays.  During the interview, Sen. Donnelly talked about his efforts working with Republican and Democratic Senators in helping to create the compromise that ended […]

He’s been hard at work since the first week in January as the newest US Senator from Indiana. I sat down over the weekend with Senator Joe Donnelly and talked about a wide range of issues.  The Senator told about his trip to Afghanistan to visit our troops and the concern he has about the […]

Controlling weapons, including getting assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines off our streets and Republican efforts to play politics with the raising the debt ceiling were a couple of the topics discussed on Afternoons with Amos with Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly and Congressman Andre Carson.  Sen. Donnelly who was sworn in last week as […]