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The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Fruday, September 4, 2015. Politics both local and national and world were among the focus of the Afternoons with Amos heading into the Labor Day Weekend.

Sen Joe Donnelly

Sen. Joe Donnelly In Studio

(Interview With Sen. Joe Donnelly Starts At 35:45 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). In an EXCLUSIVE extended interview, US Senator Joe Donnelly talked about why he is supporting the Iran nuclear deal done by President Barack Obama along with leaders of other major nations including Russia and China.  In the interview, Donnelly explained that why he supported the deal, why it will keep Iran from obtaining and making the materials to create nuclear weapons and how the agreement will help the United States and Israel.  Donnelly said he spoke with former senator Richard Lugar, who had experience dealing with the agreement between the United and the former Soviet Union in controlling and reducing nuclear weapons at the end of the Cold War.  Donnelly also consulted with former Congressman and foreign policy expert Lee Hamilton.  On another controversial subject, Sen. Donnelly explained why he’s opposing Federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  The Senator said that while Indiana investigated and found Planned Parenthood facilities in Indiana were following the law, the Senator was convinced that in other areas, the organization was not adhering to policies that prohibit the use of Federal funds for any abortion services.  Donnelly was horrified by videos that alleged that at some Planned Parenthood facilities were taking tissues and organs from aborted fetus and using them or selling them for research.  Senator Donnelly also talked about the growing drug abuse problem in Indiana.  During the week Donnely and Congresswoman Susan Brooks held hearings on the growing problem of prescription drug abuse in the state, which Donnelly said is increasingly becoming where people start their abuse, moving on to heroin and other illegal drugs.  However, during Open Lines before and after the interview with Senator Donnelly, was just as interesting. (Afternoons With Amos “Unscientific Poll Of The Airwaves Is Virtually The Entire PODCAST). From time to time during Afternoons with Amos’ 12 years on the air, the program launches an “Unscientific Poll of the Airwaves”.  That’s when callers and listeners are asked to weigh in with their views on a particular topic.  A poll released Thursday by the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce sparked the questions.

Mayor Ballard

Mayor Greg Ballard Speaking At Event This Summer

In the poll which surveyed 401 Indianapolis/Marion County residents, but didn’t ask or ascertain their race or ethnicity, respondents were asked how they felt about the direction of the city and the performance of Mayor Greg Ballard.  Two-thirds of those polled said the Mayor was doing a great job, while less than 44% said Indy was moving in the “right” direction.  In the Afternoons with Amos “Unscientific Poll of the Airwaves” listeners had strong, strong views.  The vast majority, 87% felt the city/county was moving in the WRONG direction.  4.3% felt it was moving in the RIGHT direction and 8.7% were undecided.  Asked if they approved of the job Indianapolis Mayor Ballard is doing, 80% said they DISAPPROVED; 15% were UNDECIDED and 5% APPROVED of the Mayor’s performance.

chuck brewer joe hogsett

Mayor Candidates Chuck Brewer (L) & Joe Hogsett (R) at Community March in April

Listeners were also asked if the election for Mayor were held now, who would they vote for.  In a stunner, 43.5% aid they were UNDECIDED at this time.  This despite perhaps  million dollars in TV ads aired during the summer by Democratic mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett.  HOGSETT was favored by 52.2% of listeners in the unscientific poll and just 4.3% said they’d vote for Republican candidate Chuck BREWER.  There was no support for Independent write-in candidate Sam Carson. The high percentage of listeners saying they were undecided about the Mayor’s race, two months is surprising and disturbing. Byut perhaps not surprising when you hear the reasons callers gave for their viewers on the poll’s questions. In the PODCAST you’ll hear the deep suspicion, cynicism and distrust Indianapolis voters, especially African-Americans, seem to feel this election year.  It’s a trend that will bear watching as the mayor and council elections continue.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Friday, September 4, 2015. Runs 94 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.