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indiana 5th and 7th districts

Indiana’s 5th & 7th Congressional Districts

For the eighth election season, Afternoons with Amos has embarked on providing the most live interviews with candidates in the November 4th General and School Board Elections. Between now and Election Day, Afternoons with Amos will try and conduct as many as 90 live interviews with candidates for Federal, State, state legislative, Marion County, Marion County Township and Indianapolis School Board Elections.  That’s more in depth, listener and community involved candidate interviews than any other Indianapolis radio station, television outlet or newspaper or magazine.  This election season interview will occur mostly on Tuesday, though candidate interview will occur on other days as well.  First up, were Libertarian Party  candidates for Congress (House of Representatives) in the 5th and 7th Districts.  Those individuals pass Federal laws, are responsible for the origination of all Federal spending bills, and have a say on how the Federal Government operates.

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Chris Mayo, 7th District Congress Libertarian Candidate

The 7th District is currently represented by Rep. Andre Carson. It consists of all of Center, Warren, Wayne, Perry, Decatur and Franklin Townships and good portions of Pike, Washington and Lawrence Townships.  The 5th District is currently represented by Rep. Susan Brooks and includes those parts of Pike, Washington and Lawrence not in the 7th District, plus all of Hamilton, Madison and Tipton Counties, Eastern Boone, eastern Howard and western and southern Blackford Counties. Appearing on the program were 7th District Libertarian candidate Chris Mayo, an Air Force Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, husband and father and 5th District Libertarian candidate John Krom who has run Habitat for Humanity operations in Indiana.

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John Krom, 5th District Congress Libertarian Candidate

Both candidates talked the plight of veterans, the scandals in VA Hospitals, reducing Federal spending and debt.  Mayo and Krom talked about the current Mideast crisis and what the country should do about the growing threat from ISIL militant terrorists. Both candidates were opposed to raising the minimum wage, and felt that the free market economy should be the ones leading economic growth.  Listeners brought up a number of subjects including showing respect for President Barack Obama, health care and employers cutting workers hours because of the Affordable Care Act, Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and the government disposing of surplus military equipment to police departments.  Click the Media Player to Hear the Afternoons with Amos Candidate Interview with the Libertarian 5th and 7th District Congress Candidates. Runs 56 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.