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It was a rocky first year of operation for Charter Schools USA, the Florida based charter school operator that took over academic operation of three IPS schools – Manual and Howe High Schools and Emma Donnan Middle Schools.  The first months of the schools operation were rocky. With discipline and other problems.  Enrollment was below […]

Nearly two weeks after officially starting as Superintendent of the Indianapolis Public Schools, Dr. Lewis Ferebee made his first in studio appearance on Afternoons with Amos to talk with the community about his plans to learn and start to improve IPS.  Dr. Ferebee plans to do a lot in his first 100 days, between now […]

Carpe Diem Charter School is the first one in Indianapolis NOT chartered by either the Mayor of Indianapolis or Ball State University.  Instead Carpe Diem was chartered by the state. Specifically the Indiana Charter School Board which is chartering schools across Indiana, including Indianapolis.  Last August, Carpe Diem opened their unique “blended” school which combined […]

The 2012-2013 school year has begun for the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS).  And the year begins with the selection of a new Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee and a new spirit of common purpose and resolve among members of the IPS School Board.  Board President Diane Arnold, and senior Board Member Rev. Michael Brown appeared on […]

UPDATED WITH LINK TO STATE ISTEP DATABASE & REACTION OF STATE SUPT. DR. TONY BENNETT: African-American public school students in Indianapolis/Marion County continue to improve their performance in the annual ISTEP tests conducted for third through eighth graders in Indiana’s schools. The annual analysis of 2012 ISTEP data by Praise and The Indianapolis Recorder […]

IPS Supt. Dr. Eugene White strongly defended the Indianapolis Public Schools and blasted the proposal by The Mind Trust to radically reform the district. On Afternoons with Amos, Dr. White discussed his A+ reorganization plan while pointing out the problems with the Mind Trust proposal. Dr. White discussed a lot of issues including the district’s […]