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Joe Hogsett, the former US Attorney and Indiana Secretary of State, and Democratic candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis was the final of four mayoral candidates appearing this week on Afternoons with Amos as part of the program’s 11th Anniversary and start of its 12th Season.  Hogsett has been running hard since leaving the US Attorney’s office in August. The interview was his second since becoming a Mayoral candidate.  Hogsett talked briefly about his background. Born in Rushville, Indiana son an manufacturing plant worker, Hogsett attended Indiana University both as an undergraduate then as a graduate of the IU Law School.  He became the youngest Secretary of State in Indiana history, succeeding Evan Bayh in 1988 and then elected for a full four year term in 1990. Hogsett said that crime is the number one issue in this race. Talking about the recent shooting in the leg of a 9 year old girl who was out selling Girl Scout cookies in her neighborhood, Hogsett talked about the fact he has a 9 year old daughter and that as Mayor he’d “do anything in my power to protect her”.  Hogsett wants to carry that same feeling as Mayor to protect all the residents of Indianapolis.  Hogsett covered a lot of issues with Amos and listeners.  Asked why his policy advisory committee doesn’t include folks with an understanding of the grassroots and neighborhoods, Hogsett said that it will be his job as Mayor to understand and reach out to those people. Asked what has surprised him during the campaign so far, he said it was the “modesty” of the people of Indianapolis.  Hogsett said when he asks what city/county government can do for them, Hogsett said they make “modest requests. Fix streetlights, repair a stop sign, improve streets and sidewalks.” On the issue of the controversial Indy Justice Center, Hogsett said that the process has been too rushed and that it “needs to slow down”. Hogsett believes that to increase job opportunities Indianapolis needs to invest in its small businesses. Not just attract potential small business entrepreneurs to the city, but also to nurture and grow existing businesses throughout the city/county. Click the Media Player to hear the Afternoons with Amos Interview with Democratic Mayoral Candidate Joe Hogsett. Runs 46 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.