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Questions you need to ask yourself before you buy!!!!

Lets start with the basics of shopping. Before you buy anything NO MATTER WHAT SIZE there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you purchase any piece of clothing.

• Will it flatter your shape?

• Will you wear it more than once?

• Will the colors flatter your skin tone?

• Is it of quality fabric?

After you have answered YES to all the questions above, then you can make a accurate judgment on if the purchase is a good one!

We all have body parts that we like more than others. So we have to learn how to enhance our favorite features!

My favorite plus size store Ashley Stewart has some very stylish and versatile pieces for summer…. like this cute halter denim, ruffle top, paired with a brown belt. If you are one of many women that HATE your arms just pair the outfit with a lightweight lien blazer.

For more information on this top and Ashley Stewart visit


When you pair a belt with a big top, it helps define your waist and gives the illusion that your waist is smaller than it really is!! I LOVE BELTS!!!


Style comes before fashion!!!