Audio Included in Post. Runs 18 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Mayor Greg Ballard announced an Education plan Wednesday that would rapidly expand the number of charter schools in Indianapolis/Marion County. The Mayor’s plan would add twenty more charters to the city/county’s 29 existing charters. The plan would allow existing charters to expand to other locations in the city/county.  It’s the biggest expansion of charters since they were created in 2003.

Mayor Ballard’s plan would include a controversial local income tax credit for employees of “education reform” organizations to move their national headquarters to Indianapolis and have their employees live here.  Mayor Ballard’s Communications Director Marc Lotter explained the Mayor’s plan on Afternoons with Amos and denied it was a reaction to Democratic mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy’s relentless focus on education.  Hear Lotter’s full interview above.