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Will your family vacation be a cherished experience that everyone will fondly remember for years to come, or a headache that’s best forgotten? Will you spend all your savings in the name of a great getaway, only to end up disappointed and pinching every penny upon your return home? If you’re traveling with children, there’s a smart way to do it and a hassle-filled, expensive way to do it. Which way will you do it? With these simple tips for traveling with kids, you’ll find it easy to please everyone.

• Plan a night or two out on the town and enjoy more parent-friendly attractions; most popular vacation spots have child-care options, so investigate and budget for them.

• Seek out entertainment and activities the whole family will love; you don’t have to sacrifice your own fun just so the little ones can have a good time!

• Plan meals in advance so there’s never a moment when you’re tempted to dip into the closest restaurant (because the kids are crying for a food) and overspend. If you stay in a family vacation home, you can make most meals yourself!

• Instead of baby-proofing your hotel room, choose a kid-friendly vacation rental that’s meant to accommodate the youngest of the group.

• Don’t expect the sights-to-see to speak for themselves; give kids context and knowledge before sight-seeing! This way, everyone can fully enjoy the museum, nature tour, zoo, play, etc.