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Aretha Franklin was a no-show at Whitney Houston’s funeral on Saturday because she was suffering from leg spasms, or was it because she angered the late singer’s mother with remarks she made during a Friday appearance on “Today”? Was it a little disrespect?


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Franklin, 69, unexpectedly canceled her scheduled performance at Houston’s funeral service. Dionne Warwick was apparently unaware that Aretha wasn’t there, and called for her to come to the pulpit, saying, “Oh, ‘Re’s not here?”

In what sounded like veiled criticism, Aretha told Al Roker, “Parents really have to talk to their children before they leave home. They have to make sure when they leave home, they have all the right things. She left home with all the right things, but she just kind of lost her way along the way.”

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The statement was said to have upset Cissy Houston, who then reportedly uninvited Franklin to the service. Franklin’s spokeswoman denied the story, citing leg spasms as the reason for her absence.

Sources and reviews noted that the soul diva seemed fine on Saturday night when she performed the second of two sold-out concerts at Radio City Music Hall, and insiders told NY Daily News that Franklin was feeling well enough to entertain 40 of her friends at the Ritz Carlton after Saturday’s show.

Meanwhile, new reports about Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, say she was so upset she almost didn’t make it to her mother’s burial on Sunday — and while Cissy disagrees, the 18-year-old’s dad, Bobby Brown, believes his daughter should be in treatment.

A family friend revealed to “Extra,” “I think [Bobbi Kristina] has the chance to be around her cousins, to be around Cissy more because now her mother is not there.”