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Easter is Sunday and you have decided to host the annual Easter dinner at your home. So how can you still create the warmth and sunshine of the family-oriented, fun and festive holiday? Here are several ways that you can still plan a delicious feast and keep expenses to a minimum and the celebrations to a maximum!

1. Make your own centerpieces. Do you or someone you know have that knack for creating great arts and crafts? Then get busy creating your own centerpieces. If you know who is all coming to the feast, then have personalized decorations in the centerpiece that reflect all of your guests! Or take some oranges, stud them with cloves and place them in a decorative bowl! That is money-saving class!

2. Instead of buying the desserts, bake or make your own! gelatin is always a great dessert and it comes in wonderful colors! Gelatin is not expensive and can be that filling, wonderful and festive after-dinner treat!

3. Make your own beverages! Instead of purchasing wine or other expensive beverages, grab that punch bowl and pour ginger ale, fruit and fruit punch into it and make a wonderful and tasty sangria!

4. Plan in advance. When you know what has to be done and cooked ahead of time, you can plan your week better. For example, if you are cooking ham, then prepare your ham, and then discuss with family members what the sides will be. That way, you can see what is already at the house before you go and purchase items for your feast!

5. Make it a potluck! Why should you shoulder all of the responsibility?! Your guests would love to have their favorite dishes tasted and sampled at the feast so make it a potluck! Have several folks bring sides and desserts and viola…you have truly saved some cash and will be able to host a memorable Easter feast that will be special and wonderful!

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