In the final Candidate Tuesday of the 2012 Elections, the two Republicans and seven Democrats running for seats in the Black-majority State Senate and House Districts in Indianapolis/Marion County appeared on the final Afternoons with Amos Candidate Tuesday.  Republicans Karl Scharnberg, candidate District 96 and Dr. David Black, candidate District 99 gave their party’s views on the issues.

Democratic incumbent State Sen. Greg Taylor (Dist 33 and Jean Breaux (Dist 34) and State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (Dist 94), John Bartlett (Dist 95), Greg Porter (Dist 96), Vanessa Summers (Dist 99) and newcomer Robin Shackleford (Dist 98) gave their party’s views on the issues. The candidates talked about jobs, education, the school voucher law, the right to work legislation should it remain or be repealed. Improving preschool education including standards for daycare ministries. How to bring jobs into our African-American community and increase job opportunities. providing real opportunities for ex-offenders.  Working to reform the criminal justice system and fighting Republican efforts to restrict opportunities in the Black communities.

Click Arrow To Hear Republicans Shranberg and Blank. Runs 40 Minutes.  Click Arrow to Hear Democrats Taylor, Breaux, Pryor, Porter, Bartlett, Summers, Shackleford. Runs 55 Minutes ©2012 WTLC/Radio One.

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