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In 1990 Indiana created the 21st century Scholars Program which created a scholarship program for low income and working class families that provided  full four year tuition scholarship to for their children to attend college in Indiana.  In 2012 the program is still going strong but with several critical changes.  On a special two hour Afternoons with Amos, officials from the 21st Century Scholars program talked with Amos and listeners about the program.  Initially in the program 7th and 8th graders promised to maintain a 2.0 GPA during HS, stay drug and alcohol free; not get in trouble with the law and complete on time the FAFSA Financial Aid forms.  If that happened the scholarship with would be theirs.  Now the GPA requirement has been raised to a 2.5 for students who’ll graduate high school starting in 2015.  And for students graduating starting in 2016, if families make more than the income requirements, students will only receive a maximum $2,500 grant. Diana Washington, Marion County Regional Coordinator for 21st Century Scholars was joined by Chris Enstrom, Outreach Coordinator and Jason Bearce of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to tell the community about the changes in the program. Which also includes providing more assistance to 21st Century Scholars in how to prepare for college. Click the Link Below to Listen/Download the full program. In Two Parts. Part 1 Runs 60 Minutes. Part 2 Runs 41 Minutes. ©2012 WTLC/Radio One.