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JETMag teamed up with celebrity trainer Scott Parker to help our JET setters get in shape. This week they deliver with the first video in their “In Shape With Scott Parker” series. Here he shares some tips, tricks and workouts that helped the ladies of Mary Mary get in shape.

1. Weight has been an issue for Mary Mary and we know you’re on the show training them. What are their main weight loss concerns?

Their main goals are more tied to improving their overall health as opposed to any specific weight loss goals. Erica and I had a goal that we set at he beginning of our working together, but you will have to stay tuned to the show to see what that goal was and if we achieved it! Overall, we were concerned with lowering blood pressure, trimming off some body fat, and over all toning.

2. What steps are being taken to help them slim down?

The first thing that we did was develop a meal plan that was doable as a lifestyle change as opposed to a crash diet or hardcore cleanse. We wanted to come up with something that was sustainable and could be a long term, sensible plan. We then created a fitness regimen that focused on, fat burning, muscle toning, and improving stamina.

3. What’s their diet like now and how are you helping them stick with it?

We created a meal plan that focused in increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and we replaced some of the starchy carbs and processed sugar with healthy alternatives. For instance, when sugar cravings appeared, we chose berries and melons as healthy snacks as opposed to pastries and artificially sweetened snacks. That is something simple that we can all do to improve our overall health. A lot of green, leafy vegetables and lean sources of protein(fish, chicken, beans) are the staples of the plan. A big factor was also an increase in the water consumption. Adequate hydration plays a big part in weight loss and overall health.

4. What are some of the biggest bad habits ?

The biggest challenge that we faced was how to eat healthy on the road. Mary Mary tours constantly and traveling and eating healthy can be very difficult. We fixed this by creating a list of healthy go to foods that are easy accessible while traveling. Unsalted almonds and cashews replaced chips and candy. Water replaced, soft drinks and juices. Also getting the staff to make sure that healthy food was always available was key to our success.

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Watch the video for Scott’s workout and his no soda challenge.

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