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UPDATED 2/12/13, 10:14 a.m.: Officials have identified the shooter as David T. Matusiewicz’ dad, Thomas. Read more information here.

David T. Matusiewicz (pictured), allegedly opened fire at a courthouse in Wilmington, Del. on Monday, killing his ex-wife, another woman, and injuring two police officers, according to NBC Philadelphia.

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Described as decidedly “bitter,” Matusiewicz allegedly entered the New Castle County Courthouse at 8 a.m. this morning and began shooting. The Father of three, ages 5, 2, and 2, was supposed to be meeting at the courthouse for a child custody hearing.

According to published reports, Matusiewicz had already been convicted of kidnapping in 2009 for illegally moving his children to Nicaraguara for 19 months until he was discovered.

While officials aren’t clear whether Matusiewicz committed suicide or also caught a bullet in the exchange, the other two officers that were hit in the shooting were reportedly saved by their bullet proof vests.

The high security in the courthouse, with its reported “four to five rows of metal detectors,” may explain why the shooter chose to open fire in the lobby rather than in the actual courtroom.

Defense attorney Brian Chapman adds, “When I first heard about this, my first thought was that the only way someone could have gotten in there was to avoid the metal detectors, which is very hard to do, or go in firing.

“There are at least four or five rows of metal detectors when you go in, you put your belongings through, then you have to walk through the metal detectors. Then there are usually eight to ten police with wands checking everyone and after that you still have to walk by a desk where capitol police sit.”

Watch news coverage of the unfortunate incident here:

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