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Could you forgive someone who took a loved one from you?

How could you even begin to go about forgiving them for what they have done? After forgiveness, could you be friends with this person? One New York man has done just that.

Anthony Colon lost his older brother tragically. He received the news that his brother had been shot to death in East Harlem, which was tragic for him, since he loved his older brother so much. He was angry. He remained angry for years. It took control of his life and wore him down. His brother had been unarmed when three men fired 13 rounds into his body.

Colon said that the hate and anger he felt made him hate everything. He said he hated life and everyone in it. It turned him into a monster, a shell of the person he once was. He missed his brother who had stood up for him and stood by him no matter what.

As the years went on, the anger finally wore down and Colon began to reclaim his life. He ended up getting married and having two children. He turned to religion for solace. He began to have a strong feeling that he needed to reconcile with his brother’s killer, he just wanted everything to be okay again.

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