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Meagan Good, the 31-year-old Christian actress who has been vocal about her faith with husband, Hollywood executive and minister DeVon Franklin, is letting her fans know the importance of the process before exchanging vows.

Good recently answered some fans on Instagram who inquired about the amount of time it took between her devoting her life to Jesus Christ and walking down the aisle last summer.

“@msgood How long after u received the Lord as ur Savior did u meet and then marry ur husband,” one fan questioned the actress. “*I hope u respond. I need 2 be encouraged in this area.”

Good decided to give her Instagram follower some spiritual advice.

“I got saved when I was 12 ..and got baptized when I was 19’s been a journey.. I’ve been all about Him.. and then I’ve been rebellious,” Good revealed on Instagram. “I’ve been obedient and seeking him ..and I’ve been hard headed and tried to do it my way.. but it all had to happen this way in order for me to get to where I am now.”

However, Good reflected on the importance of the long process that it took for her to get married.

“(It’s) always much to be learned upon the journey ..I couldn’t (have) skipped anything in between….even when it’s been tough.. or misguided,” Good wrote to her fan. “I had to be who I was alone first -before I could become who I am in marriage….and we really are one in the same.. even though also different in maturities and experience… Just remember God’s timing is always perfect ..and we can’t rush it -or we do it a dishonor -because we’re not always ready for what we think we are.”

Earlier this year Good created a personal blog on where she spoke about the lessons that she has learned about marriage.

“Marriage.. It’s very interesting.. I’ve come to a lot of revelation in the last couple months… One thing amazing that I learned is: sometimes the things that we want God to do in our lives -he won’t do- until we committed to The life partner that he has for us,” Good wrote on “(I’m not saying that everyone is intended to be married or that this is a fact for everybody) But I’m saying in my case and I believe in many others- Marriage truly makes you a better person and truly improves your walk with God.”

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