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Chicago Mass Choir is one of many Gospel choirs with a rich history which has been the foundation on which they stand today. Even after 25 years of singing and traveling, Chicago Mass Choir continues to grow musically and spiritually.

As we celebrate choirs today via various competitions and television shows, let’s also celebrate and learn of the legacy of Chicago Mass Choir with a few CMC Fun Facts.

Did you know these phenomenal facts about Chicago Mass Choir?

*Founded by the late James C. Chambers in 1988 in Chicago, Illinois

*”Right Now If You Believe” was the first CMC national recorded project in 1990

*Chicago Mass Choir traveled on a 24 hour bus trip to Montana and became the first African American Gospel choir to sing at an outdoor concert in the Montana area

*Performed with the renowned classically trained and operatic “Three Mo Tenors”

*Recorded with Bob Dylan on his 2009 Gospel CD/DVD Gotta Have Somebody

*Toured Northern and Southern Italy for a 12 city concert tour (including concerts in Croatia and Switzerland)

*Chicago Mass Choir was the featured artist at the opening reception of the Broadway Musical, The Colored Purple, in Chicago, IL

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