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Tye Tribett is the Camden, New Jersey native who took the gospel industry by storm with his debut project. After a couple of years of personal and spiritual growth, the  Grammy nominated preacher’s kid is poised to release one of the most lyrically profound and emotionally riveting projects of his career.

Tye, who learned how to play keyboards before he could recite the alphabet, has been making bold declarations with his music for years prior to launching his gospel career.

Tye Tribbett — husband, father of two, Gospel singer, songwriter, producer, preacher and business man —  checked in with to answer our …

5 Questions…

1.  Why Gospel? Wow. Well I love God and I love music. Gospel gives me an outlet to explore both. Although I love music, my passion is the Lord. Not music.

2.  If you were not a artist, what would you be doing? Burger King! lol… No… man I’m really not good at anything else. Teaching maybe? I love to teach the word of God. Minister.

3.  Who is your dream duet partner? Prince.

4.  What is the first tape/album you remember buying? Wow. Lemme think. My mom was a radio DJ so I had access to all the latest gospel records, but the first thing i REMEMBER buying was either Yellow Jacket or Joe Sample.

5.  What’s your favorite way to relax? Ha! I’m trying to figure that out now! Video Games. And I love to bowl.

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