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It doesn’t take the greatest degree from the greatest university in the world for you to know there are people assigned in this earth realm to cause great confusion in your life. In fact there exist people who make every attempt to corrupt the God on the inside of you. Biblical narrative after narrative recounts great men and women of God whom the enemies of this life attempted to destroy. One need only peer into the story of Joseph and his relationship to his brothers for factual information this unremarkable fact happens.

The first thing you must understand is when you are blessed of God people will notice you from afar. I struggle with this very fact in my own life for my grandmother, with only a high school education, taught me when God begins to bless, the enemy begins to make mess. You need to understand people can see the glow of God all over your life. In fact, Jesus taught, our lights should shine so bright that men and women ought to see your works and glorify your God in heaven (Matthew 5:16). However, what happens when the more common occurrence happens, and people see the “good” God in you and make every attempt to destroy you?

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