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Long time legendary Christian artist, Carman, is asking his fans to come together and pray for his healing of terminal cancer.

“[The Medical staff gives] you the heavy dose of chemo. It wipes out the cancer but also everything else, including white blood cells that fight off infection,” wrote Carman Licciardello via Facebook on Saturday.

The Christian evangelist had previously announced this year that he is suffering from incurable cancer.

“Everybody’s different and you never know what the body will or won’t respond to. Folks, this is a battle. A war to really test your mettle. I want to stop this everyday and pick it up another year. But I’m almost half way through. I have to find the strength somewhere to keep going.”

Carman also explained how fragile the immune systems is when the stem cells are replaced during a two week period.

“Meaning if someone sneezes or coughs near you, you can catch a cold and literally die from it,” Carman said.

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