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Christian entertainer Carman Licciardello, who goes primarily by his first name, has revealed that he is doing much better and that the cancer he has been battling will be gone in three weeks. Carman has big plans for after he is fully recovered and wants to start a new project to be on 100 stages across America.

Carman fell ill a few weeks ago and battled an intense fever, which doctors said was normal for cancer patients. He chose to reveal all in a message to fans and followers in a personal message on Facebook, where he has kept everyone updated on his health struggles.

“The problem with me was that I developed some sort of virus and they couldn’t identify it until the fevers dropped or broke. So I was admitted with 104 temp, shaking chills and my thumb getting ready to type as fast as it could and post on Facebook. Cause I knew once this got to these ‘Prayer Savages’ I have on my team – the Devil was facing a series [serious] New Jersey beat down. They could not stop the fevers, the lowest they would go was 102. So I put on my 3 time UFC Champion and friend ‘Royce Gracie’ t-shirt I got for Christmas, just for attitude – I must have slept 15 hours and when I woke up I was soaking wet,” Carman wrote.

After waking up soaked, nurses took Carman’s temperature and realized, thankfully, that it broke, meaning that he was doing much better and turning a corner.

“I guess God put me in a deep sleep like Adam and pulled out a surprise,” Carman noted. “Personally … I would have rather woke up next to Eve than a sweaty t-shirt, but the fever was more important at the time (ugh). The Doctor told me I will be released on Thursday… That was the last most difficult time I had to come through in this 8 months of treatment. I’ve been through 5 months of the most challenging stuff (oh lets [sic] just call it hell, it’s been 5 months of hell) but in 3 weeks from now I’ll be back in the gym lifting weights and running the treadmill – because the cancer will be gone.”

Fans and followers have supported Carman throughout his cancer battle and are pleased to see him turn a corner and be released from the hospital. Hopefully soon he will begin the first leg of his new tour.

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