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In the recent months I have personally noticed a rise in Black celebrity’s who are having problems with the IRS.

My heart always goes out for those who experience that.  You may wonder why I  feel bad for them.  Imagine being an employee & getting money back from the IRS over the years. Now, after  coming into this new found money, and new level of life, you find you  are responsible for paying them.  Our first instinct is to shrug and  say they should know better and expect them to handle their business.   Here is a good lesson to learn about lifestyles of the rich famous.   Real talk: being famous doesn’t equal a strong financial group of advisers!

I say all that to say that it is imperative to file & pay your taxes every year. !

There is nothing worst than having your hard earned money garnished from your account or having a lien put on anything that you own. I have found that it is best to set up installment plans if you cannot pay all at once.

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