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Teens lined up several deep waiting to get into Youth Event at Light of the World Church in Indianapolis. Photo Courtesy: LWCC Church

Last Friday night, literally hundreds of teens and some young adults, descended on a North Michigan Road address. They’d heard about an event there from parents, other adults, friends and peers. They’d gotten word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So they descended on the location, crowding the facility to capacity.  Teens were lined up around the facility, some literally trying to sneak in other exits and entrances.  Was this a rap concert, the opening of a new Under 21 nightspot, or a house party about to get out of control? No the teens were packed outside of an Indianapolis church.  That’s right A CHURCH! Last Friday night between 600 to 900 young African-Americans clamored to get into the venerable Light of the World Church which was sponsoring a youth lock-in, where young people could gather, fellowship and worship in a safe environment.  But the church’s workers and volunteers were overwhelmed by the response. Light of the World had sponsored something similar in March 2013 which drew over 300 youth. But this was nearly three times as many. Once the church filled to capacity, young people who couldn’t get in were hanging out on the church’s parking lots milling around, waiting for parents or others to pick them up. IMPD was called out as a precaution. Workers from the Ten Point Coalition were there as they’d heard rumors that perhaps some gangs might act a fool. Bur God was on His game as there were NO incidents – NO fights – NO mess. On Afternoons with Amos listeners reacted to the spectacle of young people clamoring to get into a church.  Young people who made a church the place to be on a Friday evening.  Senior Pastor of Light of the World Church Dr. David Hampton talked with Amos and listeners about the event.  Dr. Hampton admitted that church staff and volunteers were overwhelmed by the response.  But he indicated that the young people inside and outside were orderly and respectful.  At altar call after the Word had been preached, Dr. Hampton said some 50 youth came forward to accept Christ as their Savior.  Dr. Hampton said there were gang members inside the event in the church, but they were behaved.  Dr. Hampton and listeners felt that there should be more of these efforts to involve and engage Indianapolis youth in positive fellowships where they can gather with their peers in a safe, positive environment.  Click the Arrow to Hear Afternoons with Amos Listeners reaction to the events at the Light of the World Youth Event. Dr. Hampton’s remarks are at the 15 Minute mark. Total Length 50 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One. 

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