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173391027The security situation in Iraq is deteriorating by the day.  Insurgent Sunni forces who call themselves ISIS, who are pushing for an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, have seized control of a number of Iraqi cities and towns.  They are some 40 miles from Baghdad itself.  President Obama has said he’s open to using American military force in a limited way (airstrikes, use of a some 300 “advisers”) but he has ruled out American combat troops.  Some who helped launch the war in Iraq in 2002 when they worked for the Bush Administration and some Republican members of Congress are demanding that the Obama Administration do more to save Iraq.  The President has said that the Iraqi government and people need to come together and form a government that includes all the main factions of the country.  So, we wanted to know how YOU felt about the situation and what should the United States do.  PLEASE TAKE OUR QUICK POLL.





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