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Finally decided to get your life together and start a workout routine? Welcome to the world of better health, happier self and stronger muscles! If you want results, make sure to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Working out is all about consistency, so as long as you don’t give up, you’re doing a lot better than all those couch potatoes. So where do you begin?

1. Pick an activity you enjoy.

There is a type of workout for everyone. Don’t have the patience for yoga or hate the idea of running on a treadmill? Well, maybe you’d like to kick ass in bootcamp instead or feel sexy while pole dancing. Find the one thing that you will enjoy doing and it won’t feel like a chore to be doing it all the time. This way you’ll have a higher chance of sticking to the routine you choose.

2. Think about the type of environment you prefer.

I personally like the feel of bootcamp classes (Yes, being yelled at during a workout motivates me…), but I also like the mind-body connections during my weekly yoga sessions. So before picking a particular routine, think about whether you are the type to mingle in a fitness class or do you prefer to sweat in solitude? If exercising alone is more your thing, consider activities like hiking, biking, or even creating a home routine for yoga, pilates, or weight-lifting. If you’re a people person and love to make new fitness buddies, you can join a gym or studio with group workout classes.

3. Be realistic about what you can afford.

Fitness can be as expensive as emptying out your entire bank account or as cheap as you want it to be. If you have the money, you can splurge on a luxury gym or studio you love. If not, there are tons of affordable gyms out there that costs around $20. There are definitely perks to belonging to a specific facility such as being in a community that you know well and vice versa. While celebrities swear by personal trainers, some of you may not be able to afford it. You can get tips and advice from many online fitness experts instead. Whatever you choose, don’t lie to yourself about your finances. There are fitness options out there that costs next to nothing (outdoor workouts, donation-based yoga studios, online workout videos, etc.) The options are plenty!

4. Find your inspiration and set your fitness goals.

Everything starts with an inspiration, whether you’re trying to get fit for the summer, slim down before your birthday, or simply want to start living a better lifestyle, be inspired to start. It’s also crucial to have something to work towards. Just make sure to be realistic about the goals you set. Remember that your body won’t change overnight, so just enjoy the process and eventually you’ll be where you want to be. The ideal fitness plan should incorporate both cardio and strength exercises. So make sure to make room for both when you create your plan.

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