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State Board of Education Member Gordon Hendry (R) in Studio With Amos

Gordon Hendry is a member of the Indiana State Board of Education who made headlines recently when he wrote an op-ed for newspapers around the state criticizing Indiana Superintendent Glenda Ritz for much of the dysfunction between the Superintendent and the Board in the past year.  Hendry is an at-large member of the ten member Board which sets education policy for K-12 grades in Indiana.  Hendry, like Ritz, is a Democrat and his criticisms of her have created concern and controversy among Democrats around the state.  State Board of Education members rarely give interviews with media, especially lengthy interviews with Indianapolis media.  In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview, Gordon Hendry talked about the problems between the State Board and Supt. Ritz.  Hendry said its not disrespect between him and Supt. Ritz, just that on some issues, especially issues of governance of the Board and the Board’s rules and policies he disagrees with her.  Hendry also talked about the concern the State Board members had with the Indiana’s waiver request to the US Department of Education under some aspects of the Federal No Child Left Behind Act.  Hendry said that a response drafted by the staff of the State Board sent to the Feds after Supt Ritz sent the official State response wasn’t vetted by State Board of Education members.  Hendry said that he didn’t see a copy of the submission and was OK with that.  Hendry and Amos also talked about the upcoming Accountability rules for Indiana schools, including the new revised 2015 ISTEP that will be a different type of test that promises to be challenging to Indiana students. Amos also asked Hendry would the State Board deal with other key educational issues like disparity in discipline and special education, issues of key importance to African-Americans.  Click the Media Player to hear Amos’ Full Interview with Democratic State Board of Education Member Gordon Hendry. Runs 38 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.