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Parade Celebrating Champion Taney Dragons Little League team

Congrats seem to always be in order for the Little League diva Mo’Ne Davis. Not only has she broken records leading her team, the Philadelphia Taney Dragons into victory, but she’s now been named the athlete of the year by the Associated Press! How did she do it? By throwing “like a girl” apparently. When Davis learned about her honor, she said, “A lot of adults around me help out, taught me to be respectful, to be calm during everything and not let anything get to you.” Mo’ne is the youngest winner in the history of the award.

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According to reports, Davis beat out Mt. St. Joseph freshman Lauren Hill — who played her first college basketball game while battling terminal brain cancer — and three-time winner Serena Williams.

The 13-year-old pitcher pitched a no-hitter at the Little League World Series this year, appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated  and has her jersey displayed in baseball’s Hall of Fame and was named Sports Kid of the Year by Sports Illustrated Kids and she even had a chat with Jimmy Fallon. And Spike Lee profiled her in a documentary and directed a World Series commercial, starring her, of course. And the cherry on top had to be when she got to pitch for the pros at a World Series game.

“It’s been really fun, got to do a lot of things, meet a lot of cool people,” Davis said. “My favorite thing to do was playing in Williamsport or going to the White House. (The Obamas) just seemed like a regular couple, no different from anyone else.”

And if you’re not impressed enough, you will be. Davis not only is a master baseball player, but she also plays for her high school varsity basketball team. The entire world is focused on Davis as a baseball player, but honestly, she’s more concerned with basketball. “It’s making me a lot better, helping me make decisions,” Davis said of playing varsity. “In middle school, I can get away with small things. The girls now are a lot taller so I’m working on my jump shot and ball handling a lot.” Oh, she also plays soccer.

One day, she hopes to play for the University of Connecticut and reach the WNBA. She plays midfielder on her soccer team and hopes to play three sports in high school, though she’s not sure about baseball. “I know the boys will be much stronger so that depends,” she said. “Hopefully, I can continue playing as long as I can.”

And even though she’s not even old enough to vote, she knows she’s already a role model. Davis’ message to everyone, especially girls is, “Always follow your dreams. If there’s something people tell you that you can’t do it, go for it.”

Don’t you just love her!?

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