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WP_20150202_14_54_50_Pro 1This year marks the first Indianapolis Mayoral election in sixteen years where the incumbent isn’t seeking re-election.  As part of the 11th Anniversary of Afternoons with Amos, the program invited the major candidates running for both the Republican and Democratic nominations to succeed Mayor Greg Ballard to appear in live one hour interviews with Amos and listeners.  First up is Larry Vaughn, long time community advocate who’s running for the Democratic nomination for Mayor. Larry Vaughn has been a visible figure testifying at City-County Council and legislative hearings; protesting and advocating on issues at the State House and City-County Building.  Vaughn ran for IPS School Board two years ago.  Now, Vaughn told listeners that he was running for Mayor to end money not being spent properly by city government.  He said if elected he’d put “monitors” in place to make sure that money for police and public safety or for public works is spent properly instead of being, in Vaughn’s words, “diverted by the Mayor for other uses”. On bring jobs to the city, Vaughn wants to put in place opportunities for Indianapolis residents to work, even if, in his words “its putting dirt in bags”.  Asked about his philosophy of government, Vaughn told listeners we should follow Article 9, Section 3 of Indiana’s Constitution, but didn’t go into depth explaining that. Asked about his background, Vaughn said he was a graduate of Manual High School and that he’d apprenticed for seven years and learned the trade of glass making. Vaughn is an accomplished glass maker and glazier.  A self made man by his own admission, Larry Vaughn, while not a college graduate, says he’s a passionate reader with thousands of books in his home collection.  When Amos asked if he was a Renaissance Man, Vaughn answered “Yes”. In the interview Larry Vaughn was passionate about remaking Indianapolis government to be subservient to the residents and the community not to special interests.  But to some listeners he came across as too bold and strong; some thought arrogant or angry.  Other listeners liked Vaughn’s strong stands.  On education, Vaughn would abolish charter schools run by the Mayor’s Office and transfer the students back to traditional public schools. Vaughn is against the mass transit plan, but supports improving IndyGo. Click the Media Player To Hear Democratic Mayor Candidate Larry Vaughn’s Passionate, Intense Afternoons with Amos Interview. Runs 47 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One.