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The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Friday, June 12, 2015.  By now everyone knows that the race between Democrat Joe Hogsett, Republican Chuck Brewer and a yet to be named Libertarian candidate is the first open election for Indianapolis Mayor in sixteen years where the incumbent isn’t running for re-election.  So, with interest in the […]

This year marks the first Indianapolis Mayoral election in sixteen years where the incumbent isn’t seeking re-election.  As part of the 11th Anniversary of Afternoons with Amos, the program invited the major candidates running for both the Republican and Democratic nominations to succeed Mayor Greg Ballard to appear in live one hour interviews with Amos […]

In an Exclusive Radio Interview, Afternoons with Amos talked with three groundbreaking American big city Mayors. Michael Coleman is Mayor of Columbus, Ohio; the country’s 15th largest city.  Mayor Coleman is in his fourth term and he’s African-American. Mayor Coleman has the second longest tenure of any Black Mayor of a majority-white city in history.  […]

The first Candidate Tuesdays kicked off on Afternoons with Amos as Libertarian and Socialist Party candidates joined independent write-in candidates for a frank discussion of the issues in the November 6th election. Afternoons with Amos has scheduled t least twenty-seven hours so far of candidate interviews between now and Election Day. Appearing on the first […]

Click Above to hear 1st Hour of Interview. Runs 45 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Ron Gifford and Stan Smith, members of the Task Force that developed Indianapolis’ regional Mass Transit Plan appeared in a special Afternoons with Amos to explain the plan and answer listener and community questions.  Click the link below for detailed information […]

Click Above to hear 2nd Part of Interview. Runs 37 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Ron Gifford and Stan Smith, members of the Task Force that developed Indianapolis’ comprehensive Regional Mass Transit Plan explains the plan and answers questions from Amos and Afternoons with Amos listeners. To get more of the details of the Mass Transit […]

Area elected officials along with civic and business leaders Tuesday endorsed a dramatic expansion of mass transit in the Indianapolis area, and together will call on the Indiana General Assembly to give local communities the flexibility they need to fund the plan and to authorize a referendum in November 2012 to give voters the final […]